Life? Points of view.

1.       Who (are you)?  I’m Valerio and I started as a web developer. Hereafter I improved my skills to become a graphic designer.

2.      What (do you do)? After several independent projects I created, in 2014 “VALO Production”, intended as a production in different fields (photo-video-web-graphic-social makerting sites).

3.       When ( for how long)? The passion of the whole urban environment led me, in 2006, to create my own clothing line that lasted about 6 years. In this period I knew/met many characters of the urban world (writers, skaters, bmx and rollerblade riders, rappers, rock bands, tattoo artists, designers, etc. ..). During the period of activity of the brand I bunped into street photography, but soon I realized that my world was about videomaking. In addition to VALO Production, together with two friends, I founded AB NORMAL Production, intended as production for larger projects (commercials, web series concept realizations, short films, etc.).

4.       Where? Mainly, for a purely geographical reason regarding PHOTO / VIDEO I work in Italy, but I have also created graphics and websites in Germany and England and projects for celebrities such as Prince Royce and Guglielmo Favilla.

5.       Why? VALO Production’s mission is to create attractive products, not only from a visual point of view but also from a conceptual point of view.