Rome in a different guise

Simone, 37 years old, feels the emotion and awareness of those who still have a lot to prove. We contacted him and asked him him to tell us a bit about him and his photos that show a city, Rome, in a different guise. 

  1. Who are you? 
    Simone Cerafani, I’m 37 years old and passionate about photography.

 2. What (do you do)?
I’m a vegan chef and a photographer.

3. When (for how long)?
It is always the right time to capture the moment. Thanks also to the place where I live, which is full of historical cues ideal for good photography.

4. Where?
Mainly in my city, Rome.

5. Why?
Each picture is carefully conceived in my mind in advance, and with time I have refined the right perspective to obtain the desired result.