We loved the evocative power of Andrea’s works, whether they are linked to childhood memories such as the spelling books or lead us to imaginary places, with ethereal towers that rise to the sky.

1. Who (are you)?

My name is Andrea Morucci and I was born in Rome, in my grandparents’ house, at dawn one morning in December 1961. I like to imagine that at that very moment an unknown passer-by, being near my house in the old neighborhood of Garbatella, thought that winter was just around the corner. Otherwise, it wouldn’t explain my passion for Nordic atmospheres. This, together with other essential elements for my professional development (such as indelible memories closely related to my childhood) have led me to become an illustrator on a first instance and a spelling book painter later on, after several years spent in Holland, Amsterdam.

2. What  (do you do)? 

After the Art School, the European Institute of Design and a course in Animation Cinema held by Giulio Gianini and Emanuele Luzzati, I worked as a graphic designer, as well as animator of some commercials and I illustrated a bit of everything, from International Civil Service posters to children’s books.

3. When (For how long)?

Lately I’ve been repainting the old elementary school primers and I’m working on some towers freely inspired by my Dutch stay and built in my present city: Thiene, in the upper Vicenza area.

4. Where?

Both the Abbecedari and the Torri were recently displayed in an exhibition held at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Thiene, from 10 to 19 November 2018. 

Andrea Morucci

5. Why?

In my spelling book paintings the link between the name and its image is subjective. The funnel and the pipe (essential elements of the spelling books of my school memory) are always present but they become meaning or metaphor of something else, so that a painted pipe seems more suitable to define the concept of “Art” than the one of pipe (any surrealist would agree on this; Magritte in particular …). And how many of us have never felt at least once like we were inside a funnel, towards an inevitable destiny?As for the Towers, they are wooden sculptures just over a meter high, some with internal lighting and connected by a tramway network that runs at the level of the drawbridges, the only entrance to these unique homes, inspired to the real houses located in a remote arcipelago of the Tropic of Capricorn.