Guatemala by Agnes Studio

Two designers, Estefania de Ros and Gustavo Quintana, who create and express their creativity enhancing the contrast between past and future. Inspired by pre-Columbian craftsmanship, they create objects in a revisionist key. Building on the architectural heritage of Guatemalan theorists of the ’60s and ’70s, they imagine the object as a possible evolution of Mesoamerican symbolism in which the material becomes the main element of the object.

  1. Who (are you)?

My name is Estefanía de Ros, I’m a 28 years old girl living in Guatemala City, I’m a creative and passionate person who loves animals, nature and art.

2. What (do you do)?

I design interiors, architecture, furniture and I also work as art director. Last year I co-founded with my partner Agnes studio which originally began as a multidisciplinary studio. It has slowly evolved into a reality focused on designing and creating furniture, objects, and spaces that live in the gray area between art and design.  

3. When (For how long)?

Wefounded the Agnes studio in 2017.

4. Where?

I live inGuatemala city, we have a home/studio in a small beautiful modernist housebuilt in the 50s that sits on 18000 square foot of lush gardens. We use thisplace to experiment with materials and colors and we recently painted ourdining room with a plaster stucco made by us because we didn’t find the mood wewere looking for. Most of what we keep is part of our personal life, both new and old as a 40-years old collection of national geographic magazines, or a set of amazing danish mid-century furniture inherited fromGustavo’s Family. We like to keep and collect memories from our travels orspecial moments, design objects and an ever-growing collection of books and magazines as well as prototypes or samples of our designs.

5. Why?

I lovewhat I do, I’m very passionate and I love seeing people with my creations and imagining new realities and objects that tell stories.