A new exchating story by NIA Milano

Three sisters, always in love with beauty, give life to Nia Milano, an explosion of taste and creativity in custom-made clothes and ceramic jewelry.

1. Who (are you)?

We are three sisters, Giulia, Teresa and Sonia, always in love with “Beauty”. Giulia studied at the “Accademia Belle Arti” in Naples; Sonia studied tailoring at N.A.B.A. (Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti) in Milan; Teresa has a great sensitivity for street style

2. What  (do you do)?

Our passion for fashion and art in general, combined with the acquired skills, has made possible the realization of a common dream.  A brand, named “NIA milano”, able to give birth to our creative ideas, currently translatable in the creation of tailored suits and ceramic jewels. Our dream is much more ambitious, in “NIA Milano” we would like to embody all the creative inspirations of three Italian women, supported by craftsmanship and high quality coming from the skills acquired over the years: an explosion of taste, a never-ending work in progress.

3. When (For how long)?

“NIA milano” project was born in 2015 as the result of an experiential path started many years earlier in Lucania, our homeland, and than exported to Milan and Rome, our lands of adoption.

4. Where?

Nia is in Milan, where we have created a living room on “Navigli”,  in which we can welcome our friends / clients in an intimate and informal space. A few months ago we opened the first flagship store in Lucania. And we usually take part in many prestigious events especially in Rome and Milan.

5. Why?

The world is full of beauty, and we think our life mission is trying to condense it in the best way we can.