We were stunned by her photographs of incomparable intensity. We understood why by reading about her, Sandra de Feudis.

1. Who (are you)? 

I’m a lover of art, music and personal growth. This question is closely related to the last one, for me. I am my purpose, my dreams, the reason why I feel I exist; I understood it sharing experiences with other people. I always try to be Sandra, the same person I am when I am alone.

2. What (do you do)?

The thing I like the most is to observe and listen. I love to tell stories and look for beauty in people and when I discovered photography  I felt that it was what I would have done in my life, the photographer.

3. When (For how long)?

I think what we are has been inside of us since we were kids. When we understand what we are supposed to be we choose to become that person. I was 17 when I found out that I was in love with photography thanks to the first camera that my father gave me. Just over 4 years ago, this passion has become my profession.

4. Where? 

I was born in Bisceglie, Puglia, one of the most beautiful and important places for me.  Now I live in Milan, where I moved initially to study photography at John Kaverdash, but then I had the chance to work here so I decided to stay. I love this city because there is fertile ground  to sown and because I feel I can strive to bigger dreams.

5. Why?

Identifying my purpose was the most enlightening awareness of my life. Through my photos I can say what I think and I can feel I am a little more independent and connected to people while conveying an idea, a feeling, an emotion. I can stop time for a while to save a moment that will last forever, even when everything around is changing. My desire is that my contribution through photography may go beyond my life and persist for future generations.