Natalie’s Moscow design

In Natalie’s opinion, design is not just a profession but a way of life. Creating becomes an opportunity to make the world more beautiful and comfortable. A need that arose a few years ago, when she decided to become a freelance product designer. Natalie’s creations are characterised by their elegant and innovative shapes and by the high functional characteristics that make each product unique and impressive.

1.    Who (are you)?

My name is Musorina Natalie. I am a mathematician but for the past several years I have been working as an IT-architect. A couple of years ago I got interested in product design and began working in this area as a freelancer.

2.    What (do you do)?

Mainly I create pieces of furniture and lighting.

3.    When (for how long)?

I started to work as a product designer in 2016.

4.    Where?

I live in Moscow, Russia. It is a wonderful Country, so big and diverse. It constantly inspires me with its pros and especially with its cons. Any disadvantage is an opportunity to improve, and it seems to me that this is one of the most amazing feature of the product designer’s profession – the opportunity to make the world around a little bit more beautiful, a little bit more comfortable and, as a result, a little bit better.

Natalie Musorina - Ausos Table Lamp

5.    Why?

It is such a cliche, but I work as a product designer because I can’t help doing it. Nothing can be compared with the emotion you feel when gradually, through phases and iterations, a product that previously did not exist anywhere – not even in someone else’s thoughts – becomes a tangible object that people can use with pleasure.