Enchanting hand drawings by Agata

  1. Who (are you)? 24H/7 dreamer, painter and DIY freak, 8H/5 marketing manager in Warsaw
  2. What (do you do)?I graduated in Fashion Management and I also attended courses in Graphic and Interior Design. I work for a big international company where I’m trying to inject my creativity to a very structured business. I laugh sometimes and it brings me to the ground but in a positive way – I’m an artist but still remember that the bills have to be payed . Afterwork I paint and create wall and home decors. I also restore furniture and I work as interior designer – ceaselessly trying to find the vent for my ideas.
  3. When (For how long)?I draw since I was a kid – at the beginning on walls in my childhood room. Then I turned to paper and canvas. I’ve always had a head full of dreams and have been impressed by things not visible by other people around me. This runs my imagination.
  4. Where? Everywhere I am I see things that are beautiful. I love animals and nature – when I decoreted my home it was something that I knew it must be a part of my interiors. So I painted animals and plants that I saw while I was walking with my dog on the meadows. And I also painted things I discover during my trips all over the world. I hate wasting things so I create decors from old, destroyed curtains, renovating old furniture, and using what I find on the ground to make my private nature kingdom even more original and cosy.
  5. Why?Ask somebody that gave me an imagination. I would go crazy if I couldn’t do something with all that happens in my head, with all I feel and see.