Ibiza and Barcelona, source of inspiration

The artistic production of Ariadna, a multifaceted girl who ranges from photography to design, is inspired by two distinct realities, Ibiza and Barcelona, which continuously stimulate his creativity by giving us a design and poetic images and minimalist flavor.

1.    Who (are you)?

I am Ariadna, interior designer and photographer from Barcelona with a passion for design, creativity, art and travel around the world.

2.    What (do you do)?

I work in an architecture and interior design studio in Ibiza, at the same time a photography studio in Barcelona. So I’m always on the go.  I’m also a freelancer and I work on some small projects. I like to be committed and continue to learn and discover the world and especially the people.

3.    When (for how long)?

In recent years, I’ve discovered that the photos I take are a reflection of my personality and my way of seeing the world and I love making films because they make me feel alive.

4.    Where?

Between Ibiza and Barcelona

5.    Why?

I am 24 years old and I feel very lucky and grateful for all the experiences and opportunities that have presented themselves in my life. Moreover, living between Barcelona and Ibiza, places that I love and that are full of people, means stimulus and continuous inspiration for my creativity.