Not only a bistrot, Portineria14

Portineria 14 is born in Milan, in the Ticinese area. Inspired to the street social model, it is an innovative restaurant that responds to various needs. It is not only a bar, where the three owners prepare lunches, openings and cocktails, but also a real concierge that brings to mind the Italy of the 50s and 60s, a time when there was no difficulty in collecting a package or the need to entrust the duplicate of a bunch of keys, because there was the doorman who acted as a go-between in all situations, even in the search for craftsmen such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians! Without a shadow of a doubt, the three owners, Federica, Manuela and Francesca have created an important meeting point and, as they say, in a demanding metropolis like Milan, providing free services has allowed them to rebuild the social fabric of the neighborhood and enter into relationships with customers who from “perfect strangers” become friends, so “Portineria14” becomes “home”. A new reality blooms, therefore, with a slight scent that brings our minds back to a not too distant past made of trust in people.

1.        Who (are you)?  We are Federica 27 years old, Manuela 36 and Francesca almost 41, the three partners of Portineria and old friends.

2.        What (do you do)? We run our own restaurant, which is not only a bar but also offers a range of services that were carried out years ago by the porters of the buildings. Mainly we are baristas and we prepare lunches, openings and cockatils for our customers.

3.        When (for how long)?  Our work is divided into two shifts. Francesca takes care of the day shift, supported by Alessandro (our intern) and Federica and Manuela take care of the evening shift.

4.        Where? Portineria14 is located in the Navigli area of Milan, but it is decentralized with respect to other places. We are in via Ettore Troilo 14, very close to the Auditorium and we have a wonderful square where during summer we put our tables for the pleasure of our customers.

5.        Why?  The reason for Portineria14 is the desire to put people together, to be useful in some way, in a city like Milan difficult to live in, demanding. So, why, having the opportunity, not to lighten these days so hectic and tiring? Our free services engage us but are not so difficult to manage … and then, when people come to pick up a package, keys etc … chat, stay with us. And from perfect strangers or “customers”, you become friends. “Portineria is home”.