Life in a photograph

In Stefania’s opinion, photography represents the way to find herself and to picture her emotions, thoughts and experiences. She represents all of it through evocative images and small stories. Since she was a child, she has breathed art and today, in an almost involuntary way, she manages to mix it with photography as if it was a painting, creating a conceptual image with a strong introspective impact.

1.    Who (are you)? 

I am a person with a deep need to express her creativity and I think I have found in photography my ideal tool.

2.    What (do you do)? 

My work focuses on the fine art and portrait genre, with particular attention to the figure and the female world in its various forms and nuances

3.    When (For how long)? 

 Since I was a child, thanks to my parents, I have always been surrounded by art books but also fashion magazines. This way, my passion for the images of the greatest fashion and portrait photographers has grown, becoming my source of inspiration.

4.    Where? 

I moved from Milan, the city where I was born, to the countryside, in the lake area. The environment that surrounds me, the woods, the lake and nature, is the frame of my portraits.

5.    Why?

Photography for me is a path of personal research, it is a projection of my emotions, my thoughts and my experiences that I try to represent through evocative images and small stories.