Energy and pathos in Dario Zuniga’s sculptures

The sculpture that becomes an expression of feelings, in which the human figure emerges as a central element, full of energy and pathos. The human condition finds its full expression in the works of the sculptor Dario Zuniga. He, with great ease and skill, is able to emphasize emotions related to human fragility.

1. Who (are you)?

I am Darío, educated as a graphic designer but sculptor for profession in Mexico, passionate about art, creativity, offspring and culture in Mexico and around the world.

2.What (do you do)?

I work with ceramic and plastic materials in my own studio in Guadalajara Mexico, while collaborating in my spare time in artistic productions with plastic materials and in photography. I also participate to small projects of design and ceramics, trying to communicate and convey to sense of the human feelings for which we live.

3. When (for how long)?

In the last year I began to develop and express the feeling of what I experienced in my life as a human being, which led me to sculpture as a means of communication. These have been the longest and sincere 12 months I have lived in my entire life.

4. Where?

Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

5. Why?

I feel the need to express not only my feelings, but feelings in general. I believe that communication between human beings is necessary, and art is the best universal language that can convey all feelings in a form / figure. The production and creation of art makes me feel alive and complete.