Unchain your mind

This is not the usual history of electronic music with quotations and historical tracks that have made popular a particular dj. Ira is really something more. A different and perhaps innovative way of playing Techno music. It can’t be catalogued in a certain historical period and for Ira, techno music is kind of an attitude. Her passion for the techno genre was born in 2005 during a holiday in Ibiza. Ira’s aim is to give people the lightness of a moment, loud music to escape from the routine and lighten their souls. This is what Ira manages to make at her concerts, let people dance and set their minds free!

1.Who (are you)?

I’m IRɅ and I live in Stuttgart, in the south of Germany.

2.What (do you do)?

I’m a techno music DJ and producer. I’m into music since I can remember and my passion for techno began in 2005 during my first vacation in Ibiza. Since then I knew: I want to do this kind of music and share it with the crowd.  

3.When  (for how long)?

I bought my first turntables in 2008, but it was just for fun. In 2017 I started to do it professionally and back then I also played my first gig.


You can find me in the gorgeous Kowalski club in Stuttgart every month, where I’m resident. But I’m also playing in clubs of other cities or festivals.


I love music and to play it on stage to make people dance and forget about their everyday life. I want to bring them into another world, escape from routines and melt with the music and me. If the crowd is happy and ecstasiate – something you can see and feel – I’m the happiest girl in the world.