Bags to wear

We as women, like Mary Poppins, love to put our whole world in a bag! Whether large or small and precious, the bag becomes the ultimate accessory and as Francesca, creator of the Labonin brand, says, “I think, I dream and I realize bags that do not have to match with your clothes but can be worn regardless of how you decided to dress. Like women, Labonin bags are all different from each other, in shapes and colors because the choice of the bag characterizes the uniqueness of the person who chooses it.

1.        Who (are you)?

Francesca Bonin, from Rome, mother of two children who gave me the strength to take this creative path. It was during my two pregnancies that I decided to try a new opportunity. My first son helped me to understand that I wanted to draw bags, and with my daughter I understood that I had to do it in a colorful and unconventional way.

2.        What (do you do)?

I think I dream and realize bags that don’t have to match your clothes but are worn regardless of how you decided to dress.  Every time I make a collection for each model I make all of the combinations that inspire me and I never make one equal to another because women are all different, with their own tastes and shades and the choice of a bag must characterize them in their uniqueness.

3.        When (for how long)? 

I started my activity in 2017, but I’ve moved the first steps some time before.

4.        Where?

In Rome .

5.        Why?

Creativity is a necessity, to be fully satisfied I could not relegate it to marginal moments of my life, but it had to become the engine of my days. And even if sometimes it’s difficult, I’m getting a great satisfaction!