Enlightening passion

Andrea Pedullà founded his brand,Neolightic, with the aim of creating unique pieces, objects that light up the rooms in a simple and functional way. Andreas’s lamps are made of concrete to remind the evolution of man from the Neolithic to the present day. Each of them represent a piece of our history on Earth, thus it becomes a fundamental piece of human evolution.

1. Who ( are you)?

My name is Andrea Pedullà, I was born in Genoa and I am a creative. My passion for electric light started when I was a kid, when my father, for the eighth grade exam, helped me to build a panel with many light bulbs that lit up.

2. What (do you do)?

I create designer lamps, 100% handmade in concrete, that represent the evolution of man from the Neolithic to the present day. Every lamp is a unique piece and has its own history linked to the path of humanity: each signed by Neolightic.

3. When (for how long)?

As I said, a passion for light was born when I was a kid. In the last 2 years, after various experiences I decided to devote myself to this project,Neolightic.

4. Where?

In Genoa

5. Why?

Light has always been a passion of mine, along with the history of man and the cosmos. Soon I decided to create this collection of lamps, where each of them encloses and tells a piece of our history. From the first cities of the planet to the cosmos.We stood up and have not stopped walking ever since.Step by step, we found solutions, we discovered new worlds and invented tools that allowed us to improve our lives. We have looked at the sky and discovered the beauty of the universe.